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Boni Solli

Swiss Diamond Cast Iron Oval Casserole

Swiss Diamond Cast Iron Oval Casserole

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Swiss Diamond enameled cast iron pots are wonderful for producing restaurant-quality food. This oval cast iron casserole is perfect for roasting a chicken or a juicy pork tenderloin to perfection. Swiss Diamond casseroles are designed for durability in the kitchen. Use it on the stove or in the oven as it can easily withstand very hot temperatures. The high quality, chip-resistant enamel prolongs the life of this casserole. The anti-adhesive in the enamel is an added bonus that keeps food from sticking onto the pan, making cleanup a breeze. The pot features oversized handles so your gloves fit comfortably inside. The lid has small nodules underneath that collects the escaping moisture and returns it back into the food – enhancing the flavor of your meal. No matter where you go, an enamel cast iron pot from Swiss Diamond will help make your meals taste amazing. Enjoy some of the best braised meat with this casserole from Swiss Diamond.

About Swiss Diamond

Founded in 1974, Swiss Diamond International Sarl is a private company located in the Swiss Alps. Using the demand for more efficient and improved non-stick cookware as inspiration, Swiss Diamond engineered an innovative type of non-stick coating that utilizes real diamond crystals–which is the hardest material known–and they patented the technology. In 2006, the company sought to improve their revolutionary technology and spent four years researching and testing. In 2010, Swiss Diamond released their advanced HD coating line, which features a 30% overhaul. All current products are manufactured using the new HD coating.

Enameled Cast Iron Cookware

Enameled Cast Iron by Swiss Diamond is held to the high standards of the Swiss Diamond cookware that you know and love. With careful design and manufacturing, this durable line of cast iron products will exceed your expectations. This exquisite line will cook and reheat your delicious meals with even heat distribution on any cooktop or in the oven. Enameling is a process to apply a vitreous gaze to the exterior and interior of the bare cast iron. It is applied to seal the bare cast iron to eliminate the need for seasoning. The enamel also has quite good food release properties making the product easy to clean and care for. Enameled Cast Iron utilizes High-Quality Enameling thus the end product is of extremely high quality and will have excellent chip resistance and thermal shock properties. During independent comparative testing against that of a leading competitor, we found that 4 out of 5 tests resulted in Swiss Diamond surpassing their quality levels.

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