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Boni Solli

Kenmore Upright Vacuum

Kenmore Upright Vacuum

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Kenmore Upright Vacuum Get rid of pet hair, dust, allergens, and more with the Elite pet-friendly bagged upright vacuum. After sweeping through the house with is an easy-to-use vacuum, you can take a deep breath of fresh air. This vacuum is low-maintenance with a HEPA filter, dirt sensors, and pet hair removal attachments. This vacuum cleaner has the suction power you need to keep your home nice and clean. This bagged upright vacuum uses a 2-motor system and power flow technology to ensure you won鈥檛 lose suction or leave any debris behind as you vacuum through each room. A telescoping wand and pet Handi-Mate attachment helps you reach ceiling cobwebs and deep-down pet dander from just about any part of your home. The infrared dirt sensor activates LED lighting to help you see dirt so you can be sure you鈥檒l get it all and a 5-position height adjuster allows for optimal airflow and cleaning.

Image 3 - Kenmore Upright Vacuum, 15 AMP, 4500 RPM Image 61 - Kenmore Upright Vacuum, 15 AMP, 4500 RPM Image 81 - Kenmore Upright Vacuum, 15 AMP, 4500 RPM


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