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Boni Solli

CrossCut Guide Rail KFS 44

CrossCut Guide Rail KFS 44

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The Metabo KFS 44 Cross-Cut Guide Rail (629016000) transforms all compatible Metabo circular saws into mobile miter/cross-cut systems when attached via the snap-in locking mechanism. The light-weight aluminum construction with an overall length of 32.8锟?and a cutting length of 17.3锟?(44 cm), as well as a replaceable splinter guard make this guide rail the best solution for portable miter and cross-cuts.

The KFS 44 features a scale for angular cuts from -60掳 to +60掳 with detents for commonly used angles to simplify the process. After completing a cut, the integrated retraction system returns the saw to its original starting position for repeatable and efficient operation. Its non-slip coating securely holds the guide rail in place while simultaneously protecting the workpiece surface from damage.

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